Your Most Expensive Habit    

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.

~W. Clement Stone

How much do you think fear has cost you? Go back five years and change your mindset. Take away all your fear of rejection and failure, and imagine living those five years forward in a different, less tentative way. Where would you be now? What would be happening with your finances and your relationships, your time freedom and physical health?

Fear can literally cost you cash. Even if you’ve found a measure of financial success, old fearful attitudes about money can still keep you from reaching your full potential.  For example, you might say you desire to be financially free, but the subconscious voice of scarcity and lack whispers, ‘It’ll make your life more complicated,’ or ‘You don’t deserve to be wealthy’ or ‘You don’t know enough’ or ‘God (or your mother or the government) wouldn’t approve.’  That negative voice may block you from recognizing and seizing on growth opportunities, and create a seemingly unbreakable glass ceiling on your income.

This ‘song’ never ends until you change the tune – by taking action. You first need to decide on something you want to do, and then simply go and get it done.  Don’t let fear of failure or of rejection stop you from implementing your plan. You will always face unknowns when doing something new. While those unknowns might seem scary, remember that no one ever knows absolutely 100% about everything in advance. The big Silicon Valley tech companies are always releasing updates for their products. If they were afraid of failing and waited until things were “perfect” before launching a product of any kind, they’d never release anything ever again.  Needless to say, they wouldn’t stay in business very long!

So you don’t need to know it all - you just need to know enough to start. You’ll learn the rest of what you need to know by taking action. The act of doing it will do more for your learning than endless planning and thinking about it ever will.

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