Watch Your Language

But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.

~ George Orwell, 1984

Our thoughts are powerful things, acting as blueprints of the conditions we want to create. What what we think expresses itself in our words which eventually become our actions, and so it obviously pays to think positive thoughts about the future. However, thoughts are not the whole picture – we also have emotions, a physical body, energy systems in that body, and a spirit or soul. Even more important, this connection between our thoughts and our reality isn’t a one-way street.

The words we choose in everyday conversation not only reflect, but can also influence what we think.  Scientifically speaking, words are simply verbal signals, or electrical stimuli carried through sound that produce an emotional and biochemical response in both “sender” and “receiver”. Consider how words of love and encouragement have often inspired humans to think beyond themselves, achieve great things, and perform heroic deeds. Negative words are equally powerful destroyers of self-esteem and spirit.

Masters of propaganda know all too well how to use language as a weapon of psychological warfare, to shape public perception to their will and produce conformity of thought.  But we can use the same principles to free our minds and promote critical thinking. It starts with watching our language, noticing the things we tend to say repeatedly and automatically.  If we find ourselves making negative assumptions, for example about what people think of us or what is likely to happen in the future, it’s time to ask “is this really true?”  If not, we can use the power of positive speaking to form a different perception of reality, and eventually create a different and more favorable outcome.

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