The Vacation Principle

The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings. 

~ Robert Louis Stevenson; Happy Thought, from A Child’s Garden of Verses

For many of us, summer means being on vacation. Relaxing and having fun become our top priorities. We find the most mundane things interesting, and circumstances that would annoy us on a typical workday magically become exciting adventures. If only we could feel like this all the time - how great would that be?

News flash: we are on vacation at least as far as this earthly life is concerned. None of us will be here forever.  As you come to terms with this fact, you’ll start putting more of your “ordinary” experiences into the category of “not to be missed”.  You’ll feel more energized, stimulated and passionate as your interest in life grows. Colors will seem more vivid, sounds clearer, and scents more distinct as you begin to pay close attention to all that is going on around you.

These last few weeks of summer are as good a time as any to practice the vacation principle.  Find ways to be a tourist in your hometown and your own life.  Explore a new shop or side street, pull over for photographs at a scenic overlook, spend an afternoon walking in the park or on the beach, take half an hour out of a busy schedule to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at a local café – the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.  Each of these little moments can give you glorious memories to treasure. Even the most lackluster aspects of daily life will seem like part of an amazing journey…and what an amazing journey it is!

To Your Amazing Life!


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