Living By Design

What do you see when you look at the life you’re living today?  And which seems more real – your current conditions or your vision of life as it could be?  The answer depends on whether you consider yourself a victim of circumstance or master of your fate.

The truth is, you’re constantly choosing the life you see all around you. Everything in the physical world of form originates in the energetic world of thought. Your thoughts are nothing less than opportunities to consciously co-create with the Universe.  This means that every decision you make, large or small, causes a shift in energy that produces results in your daily life.

The power to decide is about exercising your personal freedom. This unique capacity enables you to write your own rules, ones that call forth your highest and best self. It is the secret to creating a life of your own design.

There is really only one thing over which you have no control – and that is whether or not you will create a life. You will either choose to live by design or by default. If you choose not to act in a particular situation, to shift things in a direction you would prefer, you will have decided by default. By failing to choose among alternatives, you will have sacrificed any control over the outcome, and may very well find yourself in circumstances you don’t like.

Choosing with conscious intent is always empowering.  The more you practice conscious decision-making, the more empowered you become in every area of life.

Here’s to Designing Your Best Life!


Write down at least one thing you decide to add to or eliminate from your life, something that will move you in the direction of your best life.  It could be a behavior, an attitude or a relationship. Then move out of victimhood and into life mastery by committing yourself to action.  Please share your wins here!

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