Conquering Clutter – Part 1

Good order is the foundation of all things.

~ Edmund Burke

You always know it’s the end of January when tax documents from banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions begin to fill your electronic and/or physical mailbox. For me it’s a not-so-gentle reminder that my unorganized box of last year’s receipts and bills (admit it - you probably have one too, even a little one….) needs to be sorted sooner rather than later.  Needless to say, it’s one of my least favorite tasks, and always gets me thinking about the importance of regular “spring cleaning” in all areas of life.  

You know how stressed you feel when you’ve left a few jobs undone for longer than you really would like, and how good it feels to get them done and out of the way!  Here are four tips I’ve found very helpful for tackling money clutter. If you follow through on one each week, your financial life will quickly be back on track and you’ll have a nice system for keeping it there.

1.    Have all your important documents safely stored and conveniently filed.  You might want to invest in one of those systems with colored binders, folders and labels, so that it’s easy to put everything in the proper place on a regular basis.

2.    Get your regular payments scheduled into your calendar and where possible, direct debited.  Electronic banking makes it simple to keep track of due dates, and pay your bills on time all in one place.

3.    Periodically clean out and organize the contents of your wallets and bags. It’s amazing what “treasures” you might find, and how long can lie hidden there!

4.   Go through every piece of paper on your desk and deal with it.  Do one of four things – take care of what’s written there immediately, put it in an “outbox” for short-term attention, file in the proper place for later or permanent reference, or toss it in the shredder or the “circular file”.

Of course, no list is of any use unless it sees some action. So get to it right away – just one task a week, and let me know how you do!

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