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The Power Of Pursuit

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.  

~ Chinese proverb

Most personal development programs focus heavily on cultivating a positive attitude to attract abundant success. Wishing, wanting and desiring are indeed important states of mind for achieving any dream.  But when they fail to bear fruit, the temptation is to conclude (mistakenly) that we can’t have our dream, and maybe weren’t meant to after all. 

The real problem is that many people confuse wishing and wanting with pursuing their dreams. One’s desire may be truly deep and “burning”, but this passive mental state cannot deliver results by itself. You can engage in positive thinking all day long, but in the end it’s only positive action that counts. 

Pursuit – actively reaching for what you want – makes you a partner in creation with the Infinite. It shortens the distance between you and your objective, shifting the odds of reaching your goal in your favor.  Pursuit is an essential requirement for making what Price Pritchett terms a quantum leap. You have to go on the offensive, leave the safety of the familiar and move into uncharted territory if you want to achieve exponential success.

Keep in mind that there’s no better time than the present to move on your dream. Ask…seek…knock…and it shall be yours.

Pursue Your Dream Today!


Act With The End In Mind

You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there, but you need to know where you want to go.

~ Price Pritchett, You2

Many people get hung up on the “how to” details of making a move, especially a bold one. As a result, they get in the way of their own progress by anticipating every potential problem and roadblock instead of focusing on what they want to accomplish.

If you start worrying about everything involved in getting from here to there, you’ll never arrive.  The truth is, a quantum leap is a move you’re already prepared to make.  The means and the opportunities are there – all that’s missing is your decision to go for it. Questions like How am I going to get there? How can I make this work? How can I do that? are the domain of Infinite Intelligence.

Letting go of the “hows,” opens channels of communication with the Divine through which the answers will come as you need them.  The resources you need to achieve your goal, such as confidence, inspiration, creativity, new partners and friends, and serendipitous events, begin to appear.

Let’s face it - there will always be reasons why you can’t take the next step. But when you start moving before your “ducks line up”, those ducks will come running.  The key is to just start, even when you don’t know how you’re going to finish. 

A quantum leap is by definition a foray into uncharted territory.  As Price Pritchett says:  Look at it this way – you’re not supposed to be concerned about what happens in the middle of a jump…you’re supposed to be thinking about where you’re going to land!

To Your Quantum Success!


Get Ruthless About Trying Something Different

Ricochet. If you’re trying to climb over the wall, open a door and walk through. If you’re pushing against the river, try going with the flow.

~ Price Pritchett, You2

An unspoken, widely held belief is that achievement is an incremental process. We accept without question that gradual movement from one level to the next in a defined series of steps is the way to reach a goal.  But is that always true?

According to Price Pritchett, an expert consultant on personal and organizational change, the answer is definitely not. Pritchett asserts that this “unfortunate misconception” is at best a pathway to unimpressive growth.  In his book You2 he introduces the quantum leap strategy, a unique approach that skips several rungs on the achievement ladder and multiplies effectiveness.

Quantum leaping is a radical departure from conventional wisdom, designed to produce dramatic performance breakthroughs. When we notice our progress slowing down or stalling out, we tend to work harder at doing what worked in the past. It seems like the logical thing to do, especially since almost everyone we know acts this way. Unfortunately, more of the same usually just results in more of the same. One paradoxical You2 solution is to quit trying harder. To achieve dramatic, exponential gains, we’re encouraged to rethink our traditional assumptions about what it takes to succeed.  We have to be willing to second-guess our routines, ruthlessly discard the ones that don’t work and do something new, even if it defies “common sense”.

Making a quantum leap means stepping outside our mental boundaries and perceived limitations to pursue our most ambitious dreams. Real limits do exist around what we can accomplish, but they are far beyond the ones our thinking creates. So-called common sense can restrict our vision and stunt our personal growth. The quantum leap strategy leverages “uncommon sense” with simple, energy-efficient action, enabling us to achieve more with less effort and stress than we may have ever thought possible.

To Your Quantum Success!


Are You A Nurturer?

A generous person will prosper;  whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

~ Proverbs 11:25

Have you ever felt as though you’re working hard and doing all the right things to create more abundance in your life, only to end up achieving much less than you deserve? You won’t necessarily reach your goals by trying harder. In fact, the number one block to your success almost certainly isn’t a lack of motivation, spirit or drive - it’s how you relate to money. 

Why is this relationship so important?  After all, money is only a thing, right? Wrong! Money is energy, part of an interconnected field that includes your personal energy and the creative energy of the Universe.  Because survival often depends on having it, money is at the heart of every career and personal decision you make, even affecting your health and well-being.

Each of us has a unique “money code”, a combination of 8 major personality profiles known as Sacred Money Archetypes®. Knowing this code helps you align yourself with the energy of money and makes it easier to attract prosperity. One of these archetypes is the Nurturer. This is the primary archetype for many caregivers and people involved in service professions - see how many characteristics you recognize in yourself.

The Nurturer archetype illuminates the noble qualities of caring and compassion. The innate generosity of this archetype is expressed as a desire to help, shelter and nurture others in every way possible.

Nurturers are naturally motivated to give generously, even sacrificing their own interests to do so. Their sense of self-worth comes from compassion and  “being there” for everyone. They tend to magnetically attract individuals who need help, financial and otherwise. The generosity of the Nurturer often extends beyond people, to include animals and the environment.

In business, Nurturers deliver great value but typically feel the need to over give of their time, talent and resources for every penny brought in. Although they may be personally responsible with money, they commonly don’t have much saved or may carry debt because of helping others.

Nurturers can find it painful to set money boundaries, especially with those closest to them, and can easily be taken advantage of. As a result, they may nurse secret feelings of martyrdom and resentment when they sense that what they give is not being reciprocated. 

The generosity, loyalty and compassion of Nurturers can really shine when they recognize that giving can take many forms beyond financial support.  Setting clear money boundaries is an especially effective way to demonstrate their caring.  When Nurturers see others as powerful in their hour of need, they create the possibility of helping in ways that are priceless.

To Your Best Life!


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