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Charting A Clear Course To A New You

When you want to change your life, it’s important to be clear in your thoughts, in your words, and in your actions around what you want to create.

If you asked a contractor to build you a really happy house, he would ask what you mean by “happy house.” You've got to describe it - provide him with a blueprint - before work could proceed. You need to say how big you would like your house to be, how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms you want. The contractor might show you a few designs, or you could meet with an architect and plan your house from scratch. Either way, you can’t begin to build a house until you have first selected the design.

Building your dream life is a lot like building your dream house. Personal transformation occurs when your purpose, your passions and your core values align, and this requires specificity. To better understand the process, imagine your Self as a great sailing ship traveling across the vast sea of life. Your purpose is the rudder that helps you navigate the daily challenges and obstacles you encounter. Your core values represent the compass that guides your decisions. Your passions are the wind in your sails that speeds your journey. Your clear vision of a bigger and better you is the destination, and your vision statement is the map that indicates the way to go.

Your vision statement is a written description of your best self, living a life you would love in the areas of health, relationships, career, financial abundance and time freedom. The clearer your map or blueprint, the more likely you are to reach your destination. Having a specific idea of where you’re going will inspire you to take action and bring your dream into reality more quickly and easily than you might imagine possible.

Here are a few practical steps you can take to begin the process of changing your life. Begin by painting a clear mental picture of your ideal life, and commit it to writing. Then, consistently rehearse this picture in your mind. Memorize how it feels – emotion energizes your vision like rocket fuel. Finally, act as if the new life of your dreams is already your reality. 

To Your Greatness!


Four Steps to Activating Your Abundance

Some people live ninety years; some people live one year ninety times.  You can live a life pushed by discontent and unsettledness, or you can live a life overflowing with joy and fulfillment.  Here are four steps you can take today to activate and direct the flow of abundance to you.

Step 1: Ask yourself whether you are willing to live in abundance.

Your first step is to ask yourself a question: Would it really be okay if you began to live at a much higher level of abundance?  

Imagine two houses, one with electricity and one without.  The wires are available to them both, but only those in one house have figured out how to hook themselves up and obtain light.  The people who live in the lighted house are not “lucky.”  They are simply plugged into the laws of electricity. 

In the same way, those who achieve success in life are not lucky.  They simply do things a certain way.  Well-being and a sense of full aliveness are not accidental. They have learned to work in harmony with the universe’s laws, and they continually practice them with ever-greater skill throughout their lives.

Step 2: Say Yes! to abundance.

Don’t answer the question lightly. If you say a really wholehearted “Yes,” new things will happen just by that answer.  If instead your first thoughts are, “What does that mean?” or “What do I have to give up?” or “What new things will come into my life?” then you are hesitant.  As a result, you won’t be able to manage a broader level of experience and you will remain stuck in present circumstances.

But if you say “I really want to live in harmony, and I welcome abundance in whatever shape it comes to me,” then your life will begin to overflow with good.  

Step 3: Take control of your “Set Point.”

Somewhere in your belief system, you have a set point for how much abundance you believe you can have.  If you want to know what your set point is, look at your life.  We create the lives we believe we ought to have: a certain amount of love, a certain amount of money, a certain amount of happiness.  These beliefs may not be conscious, but they are still there, controlling our level of abundance.

Of course, sometimes something extraordinary, like a surprise inheritance or the unexpected appearance of a new love, overcomes our set point.  Unless we have created the mindset that can hold the experience and make it ours, we will find some way to get rid of it.  Just consider that over 90% of lottery winners return to their original incomes within three years - even those who win millions and millions of dollars.  Somehow they spend money, give money away and buy things that lose value, until they have nothing left.  In effect, they have returned to their set point. 

There is no set point in the universe.  We set one for ourselves, consciously and unconsciously.  Pay attention to your relationships, finances, and the freedom and flow with which you move through the material world.  Examine your attitudes and allow subconscious beliefs to surface without judgment. Then decide whether they are true, or just old ways of thinking that need to be replaced. 

Step 4: Pour clean water in a muddy bucket.

If you want to clean out a bucket with muddy water in the bottom, you don’t necessarily have to get all the mud out first.  You can simply start pouring in clear water.  The same principle applies to activating abundance.  As you begin the process, you start to see how some of your beliefs are keeping the good things you deserve at a distance. For example, maybe you may hold a subconscious belief that poverty is more spiritual or virtuous than wealth.  It doesn’t matter where the beliefs come from - you don’t need to understand their roots, and you don’t have to dig them out.  Just focus on your “Yes!” to the possibility of greater abundance.  Pour in the clear water, and eventually you can eliminate every limitation your mind conjures up.

Anyone can have abundance in life.  The great spiritual teachers tell us we are meant to have it. The universe doesn’t hold back; we hold abundance from ourselves. The good news is you get to choose how you are going to live.  What kind of life are you willing to embrace?

To Your Abundant Life!


Do You Have An Abundance Mindset?

Today’s headlines tell us, in no uncertain terms, that we live in a world of scarcity.  We’re constantly told that we face a bleak future in which a growing population will be forced to compete for limited and rapidly diminishing resources in order to simply survive. These pessimistic messages have convinced too many people that abundance is only attainable by the already rich, the better educated, the well connected or those who are somehow “more worthy” than they are.

Lisa Nichols, star of the movie “The Secret”, suggests that on the contrary everyone can access abundance.  She identifies five traits that abundant thinkers share - attitudes and behaviors that anyone can adopt to transform a lack mentality into an abundance mindset:

1. They celebrate their little wins first.

Abundant thinkers celebrate themselves on a daily basis, and not just for their large achievements. They first acknowledge and reward themselves for even the smallest victories, so they can maintain a positive state of mind in the face of difficulties.

2. They manage their time wisely

Abundant thinkers don’t spend their dollar time on penny tasks. They devote most of their time and attention to the jobs that require their special skills, and consciously delegate the rest. 

3. They make decisions based on knowledge, and then take inspired action. 

Abundant thinkers never make a decision based on wishing and hoping, or on emotion alone.  They gather important information, thoughtfully evaluate, and then act without hesitation. 

4. They tap into the resources they haven’t yet manifested. 

Abundant thinkers generate ideas about how to increase and bring in more revenue, while responsibly managing their current resources. They start from where they are with what they have, and refuse to allow their present circumstances to limit their ideas of what they can achieve.

5. They do what they love.  

Abundant thinkers live a truly prosperous life by doing what they love. They know that they are giving a gift to the world when they freely and joyfully express their unique abilities. In the process, they open a channel through which abundance can flow back to them.


When you view the world through the prism of scarcity, you experience insecurity that no amount of money can overcome. The truth, however, is that the Universe holds infinite possibility and potential.  Abundance is a mindset that enables you to see through the illusion of lack and realize this reassuring truth

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