Personalized 1:1 Mentoring

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

Do you feel as though somewhere along the line your life has gone “off track”? You might sense change is ahead,but have no idea what that would look like. 

Maybe you crave more meaning and purpose in your work or clarity on your goals. Perhaps you want to take your life in an entirely different direction, or would simply like to re-discover joy in the life you already have. 

You might have a thriving and financially rewarding career, but feel challenged now to achieve balanced success in other areas of your life.

And you know all this isn’t just a matter of following the latest business tactics, or doing some fuzzy “inner work”.

Your personal transformation will require trailblazing a new path - one that's unique to you, that couples trusting your inner guidance with strategic, values-aligned action:

Vision + Strategy - Action = all thought, no action; analysis paralysis

Strategy + Action - Vision = no purpose or “why”; workaholism/burnout

Vision + Action - Strategy = lack of focus; scattered energy with few results

   Vision + Strategy + Action = Empowered Life/Balanced Success

Based in Rappahannock County, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I offer both virtual, over the phone coaching sessions for local and out of state clients, as well as in person coaching to those who would like to visit or are lucky enough to live in VA.

Your in-person coaching sessions can include walking or sitting outdoors in the beautiful countryside, weather permitting and according to your preference.​

Interested? Let’s set up an exploratory call!

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