Passion To Profit 

Create wealth and positive impact doing work you love 

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Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.       ~ Steve Jobs

Are you searching for an alternative to the “dollars for hours” way of working?

Do you wish you could stop giving it all away at bargain prices, but don’t know how to charge more with integrity?

Are you finally ready to write a new money story - one that supports greater abundance, not just financially but in every area of your life?

The solution isn’t more tactics and strategies - it’s more effective, innovative thinking!  

What if there were a simple, convenient, proven system that…

       makes overworking and undercharging a thing of the past, so you can finally experience financial freedom 

       lets you ditch the “dollars for hours model” and offer high value programs that deliver lasting results for your clients

       helps you feel integrity, alignment and purpose while generating a good income, doing work that you love

There’s a dynamic personal coaching program designed to help you do just that…


 Passion To Profit

The direct route to a rewarding business you love

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Passion To Profit offers you the guidance, tools and personal support you need to turn what you love doing into a satisfying, sustainable and lucrative career - quickly and easily.  You’ll come away from this course with a new empowering money mindset, along with a practical action plan that will enable you to…

Enjoy a highly profitable business serving a handful of motivated clients you love to work with. 

Charge what your products and services are truly worth…without fear, guilt or hesitation.

Attract clients who seek you out, and are happy to pay a premium fee to work with you.

Generate the income and time freedom to sustain the lifestyle you choose, whether that means traveling the world, raising a family, developing your special talent or supporting a cause you’re passionate about.

The 3-Step Passion To Profit Roadmap

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Step 1: Clarity

Get clear on your unique money personality, and discover what makes you tick when it comes to attracting, keeping and growing wealth.

Step 2: Transformation

Identify the limiting or negative beliefs that create an invisible “glass ceiling” on your income, and transform them into a prosperity mindset.

Step 3: Inspired Action

Create an organized plan for accelerating your success, and follow up with aligned, consistent action to achieve your most ambitious goals.

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Your journey begins with The Essential Dream Builder, a powerful, self-directed program designed for busy people who want to live a more free, full and expanded life. This convenient online course jump-starts your progress by helping you…

       Create a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to be like

       Identify clear, specific goals, and choose one that will launch you on the fast track to your vision

       Anticipate and deal with obstacles – fears, doubts and limiting beliefs - on your path to success

       Develop new thinking patterns that keep you inspired and motivated


What you get with The Essential Dream Builder…

·      6 video modules on the core principles of Dream Building and the Blueprinting-Bridging-Building process

·      Downloadable transcripts of all videos

·      Transformation “toolkit” of worksheets, exercises and action guides to help you stay motivated and on track

·      24/7 online access to the course, indefinitely, including all videos and downloadable resources

·      PLUS – 1 bonus module to keep the momentum going

During this first segment of Passion To Profit, you’ll receive weekly private 30-minute coaching calls  that focus on your vision, celebrate your successes and address your challenges.  You’ll be able to download recordings of your coaching calls, and have unlimited email access so you can submit any questions that come up in between calls.

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Next, you’ll Discover Your Money Superpowers and how they influence all areas of your life, and come away with practical steps to develop a new, healthy perspective on wealth. Here’s what’s included:

The Sacred Money Archetypes® Assessment will give you insight into your unique money personality.  You’ll review the results in a 1-on-1 coaching session focused on your unique strengths and challenges, and how you can capitalize on them to create more abundance and financial freedom. 

Follow up private coaching calls will support and motivate you to take a new, empowered approach to money.  You’ll discover exactly how to get rid of unconscious money blocks, instantly own your worth and take productive action in your business or career as well as in your personal life and relationships.

Step-by-step exercises will help you put what you learn into practice immediately, so you begin to see real positive change right away. 

A sample of what you’ll be personally coached through in this part of the program...

Create a crystal clear “compass” that helps you eliminate old limiting beliefs and guides you in making new decisions going forward in your life and business or career

Pinpoint exactly where the money leaks, drains or blind spots are in your business or career that are silently robbing you of self-worth…and what to do to seal these leaks now 

Do a complete ‘money story makeover’ that will support you today, tomorrow and beyond to make more money, set respectful boundaries that increase your cash flow (and your self-respect), and up-level your life in all areas

Eliminate lingering negative self-talk plus any resistance to money, so you feel free to make more without apology 

Explore the dangerous money mindsets that may be driving you to over-work, under-earn or under-charge

Discover a 5-minute daily tool that will shatter the glass money ceiling you’ve tolerated for too long 

Craft an inspired plan of action that will immediately help you break free of “shoulds”, outlining exactly how you can start living an abundant life on your terms today

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Once you’ve gained clarity and transformed your money mindset, it’s time to accelerate your success in The Entrepreneur Express Lane.

This 3-month business building intensive is where you get the helpful resources, personalized guidance and support you need to stop overworking, undercharging and trading “dollars for hours”, so you can immediately start building a soul-satisfying and profitable lifestyle business.


Some of what you’ll get from your one-on-one coaching calls, guided exercises and worksheets

Identifying and building relationships with your ideal clients:

   • How to identify the ideal client you would love to work with

   • Understanding their doubts, fears, desires, dreams so you can serve them more effectively

   • The 5 biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have about marketing to their ideal client

Defining and communicating your value:

   • 8 value-blocking mindsets that can lose customers and kill your business

   • Translating your expertise, experience and everything you do into value

   • Serving prospective clients by effectively communicating your value

   • How to enjoy marketing your services (even if you think you hate “selling”)

Designing premium, high-value programs and packages:

   • How to boost your income with packages clients will happily buy, and will give them the outcomes they most want

   • Brainstorm names that clearly communicate the value of what you offer

   • Create a complete outline for your premium package

   • Build components into your outline and assign value to each

Pricing mindset and strategies:

   • Start paying closer attention to how you think about price

   • Learn when you should think about raising your prices and how to go about doing it (no excuses!)

 Learn to love serving your clients and customers through sales:

   • Complimentary subscription to B.A.N.K., the powerful personality typing system that predicts  buying behavior

How can Passion To Profit make a difference in your business - and your life?

   • Keep you accountable and on track to achieve your professional and personal goals 

   • Help you see your blind spots and get out of your own way, so you can make faster progress

   • Provide a “success toolkit” you can use over and over, saving valuable time and effort

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Who is Passion To Profit for?


Passion To Profit is for you if:

        • you love or dream of being an entrepreneur and can’t imagine working a “regular” job forever

        • you want to build a thriving business that supports a balanced, abundant lifestyle

        • you’re ready to leverage what you do so you can enjoy greater time and money freedom

        • you’re willing to do the necessary work and take full responsibility for your success

       This program is NOT for you if:

        • you’re only partly committed to creating and growing your own business

        • you typically second guess yourself, signing up for programs and then backing out a day or two later

        • you tend to let “circumstances” get in the way, and blame them when you don’t reach your goals

        • you’re not passionate about learning and personal growth


Let’s review what's included in Passion To Profit:

3 powerful programs – The Essential Dream Builder, Sacred Money Archetypes® and The Entrepreneur Express Lane

Downloadable handouts, exercises and transcripts, to give you additional clarity and guide you in taking aligned action

Sacred Money Archetypes® assessment, including written report and one-on-one coaching call to review your results

3 private telephone coaching calls per month 

Unlimited private email access for any questions that come up in between coaching calls

Total Value: $12,500

Your Investment:

       o   Start today with a one-time payment of $7997 (a savings of over $4500)

                o  Or choose 6 monthly payments of $1450

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