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"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”   ~ Les Brown

You’ve reached a turning point in your life - and that’s got you imagining big goals, wondering just how far you could go if only?…. But maybe you’ve been occupied for so long with responsibilities and day to day details that you’re not even sure any more what you really want in the key areas of your life.  Maybe….

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Take the Challenge

   ·       You want to be more productive and have greater time and money freedom.

   ·      You’re looking for more harmony in your relationships.

   ·      You want to change careers or even start a business of your own.

   ·      You just want a better quality of life, whatever that means for you.


Here’s the good news - You’re in the right place, right now!

At Clear Simple SOULutions, you will find the tools, personal guidance and support that can help you advance confidently - and quickly - toward a life you love living.  Explore the possibilities here.

Featured programs

Crack Your Personality Code

Visit MyBankCode.com and crack your personality code in 90 seconds or less. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn about yourself and those around you... all from a simple little exercise.

Once you crack your code, you will receive your deciphered BANK Code personality traits sent directly to your inbox.  

It's Easy. It's Fast. It's Fun. And It’s Free! ($99 value)….at


Especially for entrepreneurs (and those who might like to be…) 

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Passion To Profit: Create wealth and impact doing work you love

This 90-day private coaching program gives you the guidance, tools and personal support you need to turn what you love doing into a viable, sustainable career - more quickly and easily than going it alone.  

Create a thriving business doing work you love, serving clients you enjoy working with - one that supports a balanced lifestyle and generates the income and time freedom you desire.    Learn the details here.

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Price It Right Workshops

Ready to ditch the “dollars for hours” model and finally get paid what you’re worth? The new Price It Right virtual workshop helps solopreneurs and small business owners to set prices that accurately reflect the value of their products and services.  

Small groups (4-6 participants) are now forming. Individual or on-site group programs arranged by request.   Find out more.

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CSS Online Coaching School

Transformation tools for building your best life - now available in convenient online format

Check out the new courses here

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Want live, personal answers to your questions about coaching?  Request a personal strategy session 

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